xPERTISE – Our Capabilities

Vestamatic provides best-in-class service and products for shade automation. We support shade manufacturers with motorization and controls, architects and planners with shade automation solutions, integrators, contract retailers and electricians with controls.

With our customers rapidly changing business and regulatory environments, Vestamatic is close to the market and provides leading solutions in contract planning and conceptual design as well implementation on site.

With the R&D and manufacturing background Vestamatic is able to provide the single unique product feature that wins projects.

xPERTISE – Design and development in house

Our professionals live up to the ideal of unique and elegant products in the market.

We strive to have something different, something extra to our customer that the market does not supply. We’ve build the first shutter controls for the markets and in newer days the first SMI Controls. Both product groups are commodities today.

Our R&D is working on challenging future solutions with leading partners. That includes hardware, software and UX design.

xPERTISE –Manufacturing

In-circuit programming and testing facilities
SMD Manufacturing with state of the art Siemens machinery
THT Manufacturing with experienced personell
Lead-free soldering using automatic conveyor belts

Electronics proved to be the key component in a a lot of products in the web-driven world today. With more than 35 years of experience Vestamatic / Beyers manufacture products with high performance:

  • Up to 3.5 Mio. Components per day
  • Automatic and Manual component placement
  • Component Coating in house
  • Module Assembly
  • Testing

Vestamatic / Beyers ensure 100% testing of all components, providing a significant  security to our customers.


xPERTISE – Contacts worldwide

      Vestamatic GmbH
      Dohrweg 27
      41066 Mönchengladbach / Germany
      Phone: +49 2161 29408-0
      E-Mail: info@vestamatic.com

      Vestamatic Scandinavia AB
      Fasanstigen 1
      443 32 Lerum / Sweden
      Phone: +46 31 / 75 73 400
      E-Mail: mattias.klasson@vestamatic.com

      Vestamatic Swiss AG / W. Wahli AG
      Freiburgstrasse 341
      3018 Bern / Switzerland
      Phone: +41 031 996 13 33
      E-Mail: info@wahli.com

      Vestamatic Australia Pty
      Unit 1, 3 Dunlop Crt
      3153 Bayswater, VIC / Australia
      Phone: +61 39876 0400
      E-Mail: sales@vestamatic.com.au